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Sports Massage
60 Minutes  $125
90 Minutes $162
A firmer massage targeting stressed muscles, tendons  and ligaments.

Relaxation Massage
60 Minutes  $115
A full body massage designed to help relieve sore and tired muscles.

Hot Stones “N” Massage
90 Minutes   $170
The ultimate full body massage that integrates heated stones to create a deeper feeling of relaxation.

30 Minutes   $75
A pressure point massage to prompt healing within the body and increase recovery.

45 Minutes   $85
A foot massage designed to help re-balance and recharge the body.  May bring relief to a wide range of acute  and chronic conditions.

Chair Massage
45 Minutes   $95
Great for small groups, time can be divided.   A massage done in a unique chair that targets the neck, shoulders, arms and upper back.

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